• 1866

    The English School for Girls at Colpetty was started by Miss. Catherine Scott.
  • 1883-1890

    1883 The School was registered as a Grant-in-Aid English High School and renamed – The Kollupitiya Girl’s High School.

    Miss. Catherine Scott left the island and Miss. Sanderson succeeded her.

    1886 Miss. Sanderson was succeeded by Miss. Male (Later Mrs. Tarrant). The number in school was then 150.

    1890 The foundation stone for the new hall was laid by Lady Havelock
  • 1891-1894

    1891 The hew Hall was opened by Sir. Noel Walker.

    1894 Miss. M. A. S. Choate succeeded Mrs. Tarrant as Principal.

  • 1905-1909

    1905-08 Miss G. Parsons was Principal of the School.

    1908 Miss. Ethel White was the Principal

    1909 Miss. Shire joined the staff.

  • 1912-1915

    1912 Miss. Choate resumed the Principal-ship.

    1913 Miss. Park began the teaching of Elementary Science.

    1915 The School was recognized as a fully organized Secondary School and its name changed to Methodist College.

  • 1916-1919

    1916 New classrooms and the Rigby Hall were built. The architect was Mr. Claessen. The work was supervised by Rev. W. H. Rigby.

    1917 The 1st Colombo (Methodist College) Guide Company was formed. The Captain was Miss. Shire.

    1919 Rev. A. E. Restarick became the Manager of the School and served till 1930.

    The Methodist College Old Girl’s Association was formed.

  • 1921-1926

    1921 The foundations for the new Hostel were laid.
    The first Guide Rally was held, at which the Chief Guide, Lady Baden-Powell, was present.

    1922 The new Hostel was opened. Much care and thought was given to its building by Miss. Park and Rev. Restarick. The architect was Mr. Claessen.

    1926 Muriel de Silva (later Mrs. M. E. Aiyadurai) was the first Arts student from Methodist College to enter the University College.

  • 1927-1933

    1927 Miss. Choate married Rev. J. S. Corlett and left Methodist College soon after.
    Miss. H. M. Park succeeded Mrs. J. S. Corlett.

    Mrs. Restarick, wife of Rev. A. E. Restarick died after 33 years service in the School.

    1928 Eileen de Zylva was the first student from Methodist College to enter the Medical College.

    1930 Miss. Muriel Silva, Methodist College’s first Arts Graduate, joined the Staff.

    The House system was introduced in the School. The four houses were Scott, Choate, Rigby and Restarick.

    Amy Johnson visited the School.

    1931 The University College Entrance Scholarship was won by Evelyn Labrooy.

    Dr. Stanley Jones addressed the School.

    1933 Rev. A. E. Restarick, Manager of Methodist College from 1919 – 1930 died

  • 1934-1939

    1934 Miss. G. Robins was welcomed to Methodist College and Ceylon on her arrival from England.

    1936 The system of Class Committees was begun, to further student self government.

    The Methodist College became self-supporting and ceased to receive grants from the Missionary Society.

    1937 Certificates instead of prizes were given to student at the Prize Giving – the result of a voluntary offer by students to swell the building fund.

    Rev. W. J. Noble and Mrs. Leith, Secretaries of the Methodist Missionary Society visited the School.

    Miss. Robins left Methodist College to go to Southlands, Galle.

    The Prize List was compiled on a percentage basis. A 1st Class Prize or Certificate was awarded to all students who had an average of 70% or more and, a 2nd Class Prize or Certificate to all those who had gained between 60% and 69%.

    1938 The School participated in the “Wesley Bi – Centenary” celebrations – the 200th Anniversary of John Wesley’s conversion.

    1939 Poosbadevi Joseph was enrolled as a Proctor. She was the first student to enter Law College from the School.

    Mrs. L. G. Loos was appointed Vice-Principal of Methodist College.

  • 1940-1944

    1940 The Parent-Teacher Association of Methodist College was formed.

    Miss. Shire left for England after 33 years of service to Methodist College and the Church.

    The first Methodist College School Girl Camp was held at Fullerton, Kalutara.

    1942 Methodist College closed in February due to war conditions, but re-opened I May with 29 students and limited accommodation.

    1943 Methodist College was recognized as a Collegiate School, entitled to send up pupils for the H. S. C. and University Entrance Examinations.

    Miss. H. M. Park left after 31 years of service to the School.

    1944 Mrs. L. G. Loos became Principal of Methodist College, succeeding Miss. Park.

    Miss. Park sailed for South Africa.

    The teaching of Science was begun in the Upper Forms.

  • 1946-1950

    1946 School buildings that had been used by the Royal Naval Works Office were handed back to the School

    Pathma Kandasamy was the first Science student from Methodist College to get through the University Entrance Examination.

    1947 Dr. Soper visited the School.

    1948 Methodist College was represented at the State Opening of the Dominion Parliament.

    Dr. Stanley Jones addressed Forms III – VI.

    Mrs. L. G. Loos left for America to attend the International YWCA Conference. Miss. D. Karunaratne acted for her till Miss. G. Robins assumed duties as Acting Principal.

    Miss. Florence Joseph, an Old Girl of Methodist College, was the first woman to be appointed Labour Inspectress.

    The first Governing Board of Methodist College was formed.

    1950 Methodist College entered the Free Scheme and became an assisted school.

    Framjee House (on Station Road) was bought by the School. The Junior Day Students moved in downstairs and the Junior Boarders moved in downstairs and the Junior Boarders, upstairs.

    Miss. Park paid a brief visit to Methodist College.

  • 1951-1955

    1951 Mrs. L. G. Loos left Methodist College after 15 years of service to the School. She was Principal from 1944 – April 1951.

    Miss. G. Robins succeeded Mrs. Loos as Principal. At the Junior A. A. Meet, the Girls’ Relay Cup was won for the third year in succession. The 1951 team was Karuna Ratnathurai, Gnani Kandasamy, Claire de Krester and Pathma Devasagayam.

    Methodist College became a grade I School.

    1952 Miss. G. Robins left on furlough. Miss. M. B. Barker acted for her.

    Two new Houses were inaugurated – Park House and Shire House.

    Death of Miss. E. M. Shire – Vice Principal and late Co-Principal of the School for many years.

    1953 Miss. Robins returned from England.

    Visit to the compound by H. M. the Queen of Tonga.

    1955 Mrs. R. S. Satthianadhan was appointed Vice-Principal of Methodist College.

    Miss. Preenie Keerthisingha, an Old Girl of Methodist College, became the first Bachelor of Veterinary Science in Ceylon.

    A new dormitory was built and boarders from Framjee House were transferred to it. Std. 4 (Eng) and all Std. 3′s moved into Framjee. The Nursery Class was closed.

  • 1956-1960

    1956 Miss. H. M. Park, a former Principal, arrived from Rhodesia on a brief visit. She laid the stone for a new building – the Park Wing.

    1957 The new building was declared open by Mrs. L. G. Loos.

    The Principal’s former bungalow was renovated for School use and renamed the Restarick Bungalow in memory of Rev. A. E. Restarick.

    1958 Nobel Kiel was the first woman in Ceylon to clear 5 feet in the High Jump at a National Meet.

    Nobel Kiel, Iranganie Fernando and Mignonne Fernando were chosen fu the N. A. C. to play for an All Ceylon Netball team against the visiting Australian “Crusaders”.

    1959 Mrs. R. S. Satthianadhan was Acting Principal during Miss. Robins’ furlong and Miss. D. K. Williams (Chaplain of the School), Warden of the Hostel.

    A new classroom block was declared opened at Framjee House by Mrs. R. A. Nelson.

    Nobel Kiel was made “Sports Queen of the Year”.

    1960 Miss. Robins returned to Methodist College.

    At the School’ Take-Over, Methodist College opted to become an Unaided, Non-fee levying, Private School.

    The Methodist College Education Society (composed of Parents, Old Girls, and Friends of the School), was set up to find money for the School.

  • 1962-1966

    1962 Mrs. J. S. Corlett (nee Choate) died in January.
    Peacelyn Perera (nee Peiris), an Old Girl, was the first Ceylon woman to gain a Ph.D. (Cantab.) in Physical Chemistry.

    Mrs. R. S. Satthianadhan, Vice-Principal of Methodist College from 1955, left after 16 years service to the School.

    1963 Mrs. J. B. Gunasekara was appointed Vice-Principal.

    1964 Miss. Irene Lincoln joined Methodist College Staff.

    1966 The Centenary Year.

    Miss. G. Robins left on retirement, after 15 years as Principal of Methodist College.

    Mrs. J. B. Gunasekara was apoointed Acting Principal from December and, Miss. I. M. Lincoln, Acting Vice-Principal and Warden of the Hostel.

  • 1967-1971

    1967 Fair and Fete in aid of Methodist College.

    1968 Mrs. Shanthi Peiris assumed office as new Principal.

    New Science Laboratories opened by Mr. C. R. de Alwis.

    “War on Want” of Britain gift Rs. 5,000/- towards Methodist College.

    Opening of the Institute of Further Education for schools, sponsored by the Methodist College Education Society.

    1971 Miss. Joan Nicholson joined Methodist College as Chaplain and Warden of the Hostel.

  • 1972-1976

    1972 Mary Nanayakkara, hostel domestic staff, died at School, after 33 years of loyal service.
    Republic Day – celebrated by Methodist College.

    1973 Mrs. S. Thambyrajah retired after 27 years of loyal service to the School.

    1975 Farewell service and presentation to Rev. Denzil de Silva, manager of the School and Mrs. de Silva.

    1976 School Farewell to Rev. and Mrs. A. H. Cooper, after 10 years of service at the Kollupititya Methodist College.

  • 1977-1980

    1977 Mrs. I. Abeynaike retired after 25 years on the teaching staff.
    Prayer chain for the nation and the peaceful election on Election eve – 19th July.

    New block of classrooms opened by Mr. V. S. Nadarajah and, Foundation Stone for the new College Hall, laid by Mrs. Shanthi Peiris, Principal.

    1978 Mrs. Dorothy Mendis, retired after 20 years on the teaching staff.

    Methodist College won the Inter-School (Girls) Shakespeare Drama Contest.

    1979 The Principal, Mrs. Shanthi Peiris delivered the keynote address at the World Federation of Methodist Women’s West Asia Seminar.

    1980 Mrs. Shanthi Peiris, Principal, attended the World Council of Churches Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

  • 1981-1985

    1981 100 girls from Methodist College attended a Civic Reception to our Royal visitors, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburough at the Town Hall.

    1982 Service and fellowship to work commencement of the building of the New Hall

    Welcome to Miss. Penlington, Chaplain and Warden of the Hostel.

    1983 Farewell to Miss. Stella Swamidoss after 31 years of loyal service to the School.

    Refugee Camp set up at Methodist College during the communal disturbances.

    OGA felicitation to Mrs. Shanthi Peiris on completing 25 years of service at Methodist College.

    1984 Director, ECLOF visited the School and inspected the new Hall building.

    Mrs. Shanthi Peiris attended the British Methodist Conference with Mrs. J. B. Gunasekara acting as Principal.

    1985 Mrs. S. Peiris attended the centenary concultation of the Methodist Church, Singapore. Mrs. J. B. Gunasekara acted as Principal.

    Farewell to Miss. Penlighton, Chaplain and Warden.

    Opening and First Prize Giving in the new School Hall.

  • 1986-1990

    Rev. S. M. Jacos, Secretary for the Methodist Church (Overseas Division) for Asia and the Pacific, took prayers.
    1987 Mrs. J. B. Gunasekara retired after 37 years of loyal service to the School.

    1988 Mrs. Mallika Perera appointed as Vice-Principal.

    Laying of Foundation stone for a new 4 storeyed Block of Classrooms.

    Formal opening of the College Auditorium by Rev. Harold Fernando.

    Mrs. Lakshini Fernando appointed Warden of the Hostel.

    1989 School re-opened -continuing work of 3rd Term 1988 disrupted due to the civil disturbance in October ’88.

    OGA felicitation for Mrs. Rohini Nanayakkara – General Manager, Bank of Ceylon.

    According to a Government directive, school closed due to civil disturbance from 6th July to 8th September.

    1990 Farewells Organised by the Staff, OGA and School to Miss. Una Gunasekara in February.

    Opening of New Block of classrooms and Staff rooms by the Principal, Mrs. Shanthi Peiris – June 6th.

    PTA Jubilee (50th Anniversary) – Camp Fire and Dinner on 23rd November.

  • 1991-1995

    1991 January 27th 125th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service.

    February 9th 125th Anniversary “Walk for M.C.” and Food Fair.

    June 21st “The Anniversary Ball” – OGA Dance at Hotel Lanka Oberoi.

    July 5th OGA Musical Programme “Reflections”, featuring a 75-voice choir directed by Lylie Godridge. Guest Artists – Joan Cooray, Shanthi Dias, Shyama Perera.

    September 12th 125th Anniversary Guide Camp Fire, Chief Guest – Rev. Irene Lincoln.

    October 18th & 19th “The Sentimental Scarecrow” – Operetta presented by the School.

    October 24th School S.C.M. Group Special 125th Anniversary Service. Preacher – Dr. Ajith Fernando.

    November 8th Special School Assembly to mark the 125th Birthday of the School.

    November 8th Dinner at Hotel Lanka Oberoi.

    November 23rd OGA Annual General Meeting. Farewell to Mrs. Shanthi Peiris.

    December 10th PTA Garden Party – Farewell to Mrs. Shanthi Peiris.

    December 11th Special School Assembly – Farewell to Mrs. Shanthi Peiris.

    December 21st Methodist College Education Society – Farewell lunch to Mrs. Shanthi Peiris