Buddhist Society

Days of Meeting - 2nd and 4th Wednesdays
Venue - Grade 6B

To create a religion loving future generation.

Conducting quiz competitions
Staging dramas relating to Jathaka stories
Conducting games
Singing religious songs

Upcoming Events
To give alms to a children's home.

Latest Achievements
Observed sil for Vesak Poya.
Went on the annual trip Kaluthara Bodhiya and Kande Viharaya.
Released 2 cws as a meretorious act.

Hindu Society

Days of meeting -  2nd and 4th Wednesdays

Venue - Grade 6 A

President- Bhairavi Premnath
Vice President- Priyanka Pathmanathan
Secretary- Sivasambavi Vipulananthan
Treasurer -Harene Ravichandran

Teachers in Charge
Mrs. A .Ganesh

Objectives- To enlighten students with spiritual values and importance

Organizing the Vaani Vizha
Conducting competitions within the school (Kolam, essay writing, quizzes)
Taking part in the interschool competitions
At the Bishop's College competition
             The dance troop came 1st. (Team comprised of Hashruthi, Sukanya, Yashvini, Gayathri)
             The quiz team came 1st. (Team comprised of Aberame, Bhairavi, Shagiththiya, Manuvidya, Ghajanee)
             Saagiththiya was placed 3rd in solo singing.
Special Events
Vaani Vizha 2015
Vaani Vizha - 2014

Islamic Society

Teacher in Charge - Ms. Husna

Committee 2014

President - Aaquillah Haniffa

Secretary - Saliha Hussain

Assistant Secretary - Hasna Hassan

Treasurer - Zulfa Jaleel

Assistant Treasurer - Khadija Ramzi

Committee Member - Amana Zahid


Days of meeting - 2nd and 4th Wednesdays (1.45 - 3.30 p.m)



Create a wider circle for Muslims to interact with each other and to learn their religion furthermore, apart from the school syllabus and also in order to build a close connection with their Creator.


Latest Achievements

The girls from the Association took part in the Islamic Day competitions organized by S. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia.

Results of this competition - 

Qaseeda - 2nd place

Caligraphy - 2nd place

Oratory (Junior) - Ummu Kulsum Mahmud (1st Place)

Essay (Senior) -  Azra Jabbar

Junior Christian Assn.

The Junior Christian Assn. (JCA) meets every fortnight on a Wednesday from 1:45 to 2:30. Students from grades 6-8 attend these meetings. Varied activities that help to promote spiritual growth are organized by the committee with the help of the teachers in charge of the association.

They visit the Blind School in Ratmalana annually as well as the Methodist Elders' Home in Havelock Town. These visits are enriching as the students mingle freely with the inmates and have an enjoyable time of fellowship sharing the love of Jesus.

The main aim of this association is to seek to build young lives in the knowledge of God’s Word.

Student Christian Movement


Teachers in charge:

-Mrs. Cooray
-Mrs. Diaz
-Mrs. Udage

President – Shamika Kulasingham
Vice President – Tashyanan Handy
Secretary – Naomi Chandrasekaran
Treasurer – Ikshani Wickremanayake

The Senior Christian Movement meets on the first and third Wednesdays of each month afterschool from 1.45 – 3.30pm. The main objective of this movement is to help the girls grow in their spiritual walk with God and to live a life pleasing to Him. For their meetings they generally invite a guest speaker from outside to come and minister to the girls through the word of God. After these sessions they have a time of fellowship where they organize some activity such as a game or craft as they spend some time getting to know each other.
Please click on the following link to view the pictures of the SCM Camp 2014